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The Eritrean Bright Future movement is a young Eritrean movement that was established on 15th June 2016 in Switzerland and become a worldwide organisation of Eritrean youth currently working tirelessly to bring a bright future to our Eritrean people who are inhumanely suffering within and outside of their country. Members of our movement come together to establish a sound organization by embracing executive and legislative institutions and practising democratic activities that hoping to implement in our country. After all, We don't have a particular ideology at this time because we prioritise our people's safety and sovereignty that political ideology comes after Constitution and Eritrea is under an evil and tyrant regime. So, we aim to replace this regime (known to us by the name “SHIFTA SHAEBYA” ) with a people's assembly and rectified constitution. 

Some of our goals as a movement are mentioned 

= Organize Eritrean youth all over the world.
= Make them aware of this criminal and evil Eritrean regime.
= Gather all Eritrean knowledge and economy to end the regime.
= To establish a strong organization that currently embraces executive and legislative institutions.
= We will fight for individual rights and group rights
= work to create an inclusive and diverse platform for free speech and a free press.
= Promote to unleash the leadership role of the Eritrean youth and create a population that empowers and controls their leaders  
= The Eritrean Bright Future movement is always ready to work with any Eritrean-based groups.
= We will work to establish A free Eritrea that will have good relations with all world countries and especially with neighbouring countries 

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